Since I was a kid I’ve always been into things that weren’t physical, which one would call spiritual maybe.

I was an exuberant and super creative child, who loved singing, dancing and building every kind of invention with whatever was available, spending most of the time drawing, even the whole day.

In the meantime, my urgency to know the unknown grow stronger and stronger, slowly realizing the adults around me didn't have all the answers as I expected, all they knew where tricks about surviving; I slowly lost my smile and went through many periods of depression.

My need, my seeking, was still there anyway, I started studying martial arts as a teenager, practicing even ten hours per days in certain months, but even if I was physically stronger my heart wasn’t.

Traveling across Europe and Asia I’ve been joining for over ten years so many uncountable seminars about inner exploration, meditation, body awareness, working every month on a different archetype within me, for years; most of them were based on Jung’s studies and Gurdjieff teachings, others were just bullshits.

Still some struggle was there.

I went further beyond ending up discovering a peculiar martial art, called Systema by the Americans, of which practices came directly from Hesychasm (an esoteric branch teaching of Christian Orthodoxy, from the Mount Athos and before that from the Desert Fathers).

I started realizing the difference between knowledge and experience, aiming for letting go all I warried about, essentially my ego (still working on that by the way).

Then I was eventually initiated to certain esoteric Yogic practices taught by a certain man…

At the moment the struggle that was there back in the past is almost all gone, and I created my own method, Labor Interior, to share with the world that little I understood about life and helping people and seekers through simple but effective practices, which I codified also for therapists, singers, actors, athletes, teams and company leaders.

All I’ve been through was essentially trying to gain back that heart I knew as a child.

I thank the Person who showed me how one can live her entire life without losing it, blessing every life around with her smile, whatever the situation.