There are three essential paths human beings

naturally walk through their lives:

- The Path of the Mind

- The Path of the Heart

- The Path of the Body

While on them our Reality comes to be a result od the dance of Feminine and Masculine energies, with different but polar qualities.

The one who will go beyond his natural born path, understanding his discriminating mind, will be able to experiment total Awareness and his being

One with the World and with God.




  • Scientific High School Diploma

Thesis: "Figures of Thought and Sacred Iconography of the East"

  • Sport Sciences University Degree

Thesis: "Motor Learning and Training Methods in Traditional Japanese Martial Arts" 

  • Media-Comunicative Relational Counseling Diploma

Thesis: "​Prevention and Management

of Work-Related Stress"

  • Kyokushin Karate Instructor

  • Russian Systema Instructor

  • Core Training Instructor

  • Functional Training Instructor

  • Leader of Laughter Yoga

  • Others about Wellness and Fitness

Onorary member of the Society of Fighting Medicine of Dr. Futaesaku Takuya


As written in my short bio I dedicated

almost all my life to Martial Arts.

I founded my own school, the

Bodaishin Kyokushin Karate Dojo.

After 10 years of intense training I discovered Systema, and while studiyng it

I become Instructor and founded

Systema Ryabko Abruzzo.

Furthermore I got interested in Action Movies

so I decided to try tate under Koura Takashi sensei (The Last Samurai), who I

was introduced to by Sukezane Kiki (Heroes, Lost in Space), and Mizuno Dai sensei.


Continuously studying I'm creating

my own therapeutic method mixing

the results of all my experiences,

in order to let people have a better

inner life discovering their own bodies.

I have got the opportunity to try my method

by seminars and special classes and it seems to particularly appreciated by:

  • Actors

  • Singers

  • Dancers

  • Therapists

  • Martial Artists

  • People on a Personal Growth Path


Milan - Tokyo

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